Barber Shop Monkey Bizz website is meant to inform potential users about the services that Barber Shop Monkey Bizz provides. As a part of economic activity, in case of user contact towards Barber Shop Monkey Bizz, we collect data which is neccessary for further communication. We handle the collected data responsibly having in mind data protection and privacy protection.

Contact form

For the purpose of general contacts, questions, and information requests, site visitors have a contact details on their disposal on the website. By calling us you are aware that we will gather the following information:

  • name,
  • mobile phone number,
  • event date,
  • event type,
  • wanted service,
  • message.
Site visitor can request for the message to be deleted, at any moment, as follows:
  • by writing to the company that runs the site.


Barber Shop Monkey Bizz website, as all the other modern websites , uses cookies. Cookies are small size data that a website stores on the user’s computer or mobile device. Cookies enable the website to track user activity. All modern browsers (e.g. Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari) allow the use of cookies, and the user can erase them and/or block their storage at any time in the browser settings. The most common reasons for the use of cookies are: visitor identification, tracking user activity, speeding up information registration, gathering data for analysis (Google Analytics) and promotion campaigns (Google Ads). If users block cookies, they might not be able to use some functionalities of the site.

Other websites

Barber Shop Monkey Bizz website contains hyperlinks to other websites. Barber Shop Monkey Bizz has no influence or control over those sites and we are not responsible for the protection of privacy and safety on the mentioned sites.

Legal obligation and protection of rights

Site vistors’ data will not be shared with third parties, except in the case of:

  • Your consent,
  • fulfilling legal obligations,
  • protection of rights and safety of Barber Shop Monkey Bizz website.

Data access and Your rights

Data access is given to Barber Shop Monkey Bizz authorized personnel only. You have the right to:

  • get information about which data is being processed and for what purpose,
  • request data update and correction,
  • request data deletion,
  • request limitation of data processing,
  • file a complaint about data processing.

For all information on this Privacy Policy and Your rights, and management of Your rights, contact us:

  • by writing to the company that runs the site.

Website management

Barber Shop Monkey Bizz website, at, is run by:

  • Barber Shop Monkey Bizz, vl. Dario Bizečki
  • Martićeva 33
  • 10000 Zagreb
  • Croatia
  • Telephone: +385 91 254 2014
  • MB: 98046403